Rescuing Shay


Master Wolf with the Shadow Husky Rescue drove six hours to Lancaster Shelter on Saturday to rescue this poor scared to death Husky Shay only to be told he failed a Temp Test for being to scared and that a indemnity Waiver has to be signed in order to save Shays ilife! A death warrant for being to scared! In all my years of rescuing Huskies this was one of the most heart breaking situations I have come a crossed. Emotions running high Master Wolf put the call out to the 911 team to Tish Lambert, Victoria Davis, and Shanne Roberts . A Waiver like this takes a lot of work to get done and time is not what we have on our side! Shay could be killed at any time now! I got the e-mails to the top people to get this okayed through the county. I called my Law Office in Canyon Hills to send a E-mail to the top 3 officials and I made a call to the Shelter to put a stop on Shays Execution for being scared with the 501c3 Hayden Act or heads would roll!! This act buys us some time to save Shays life. At this point we will know more today this fight is not done, hopefully this all gets resolved and Shay at the end of the day is resting in Master Wolfs arms! Please be praying today for Shays safe out come, we will do everything possible to save this beautiful soul from death. Master Wolf.


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