Rescuing Freeway


Here is the big rig Master Wolf parked on the shoulder of the freeway, crossing 3 lanes to rescue Freeway the Husky. (We named him Freeway due to the situation) A special thanks to Frank Smith Trucking (FST) Sand and Gravel for donating 250 tons of rock to the Shadow Husky Rescue. Master Wolf brought all the material up in the truck pictured above.


Master Wolf was northbound on the 215 freeway on a Friday afternoon, when he spotted a gray and white husky in the median between the 2 k rails. The distance between the 2 k rails was about 30 feet and ran several miles north just before the 74 westbound off ramp. Master Wolf was judging from the husky running, where he would end up after he parked the big rig on the shoulder. As he exited the truck and crossed 3 lanes, trying to avoid the traffic, he made it safely and saw the husky approaching him. Master Wolf put his hands up and was trying to talk to him as a lady passing by tossed some cheese crackers at him to assist in the rescue. Using the cheese crackers Master Wolf coaxed the husky about 25 feet away from him. The scene was extremely dangerous at the time of the rescue. Master Wolf knew if the husky would jump the k rail on either side it would have been killed by oncoming traffic instantly. He got down on his knees to show he wasn’t a threat and offered the treats. As he turned around and looked behind him, Master Wolf noticed highway patrol in the median along with Danika Nelson from the Moreno Valley Shelter. Somebody had called them as they watched Master Wolf try to rescue the husky so they could assist him in the capture. Master Wolf had his flag vest on and they assumed he was a Cal Trans Worker. Here is the rest of the story from Danika, the Animal Control officer on scene.

Animal Control




Master Wolf stumbled across Nora, pictured above, and Kemo, pictured below, the day he went to rescue Freeway that Saturday. The good news is the owner had picked up Freeway that morning which brought tears to Master Wolf’s eyes. There’s nothing like a family reunion between a husky and it’s human. That’s what we’re all about. And the really good news is we rescued Nora and Kemo that day, who were running together when found, a brother and sister that were totally in love with each other. So we had 3 happy endings that day. We feel the good lord put us in that position to save these 2 death row lives.

Kemo2 - Copy

This is Kemo, he had to be rushed to the vet right away. He was dying of pancreatitis infection in the pancreas. We had to give him injections for 2 weeks straight of fluids in the back to filter out the infection in his body. The vet said we could leave him there, but we decided to keep them together so Kemo and Nora could stay together, so we nursed them at home so he could be with his sister. The 2 love their lives at the Shadow Husky Ranch so much and can not live without each other.

We do not have a photo of the Husky Freeway, unfortunately, but we are still searching and hope to find it soon and update this post.


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