Heartwarming Story

With all the bad depressing news we hear and see every day in the media, this story will go to the heart. We can’t let these few people in Tenaja win we need support from all the good people out there. They call me Master Wolf I save Huskies on death row in these so called Shelters which are death chambers for animals.

My goal and my wife’s goal is to save Huskies I would die for any of them and have proven it when I took on a 100 pound fighting pit bull at Dog Beach in San Diego that attacked my Shadow Husky a few years ago. The pit bull was sitting behind us with a muzzle on his jaws as it came from behind to attack my Shadow the muzzle fell to the side of his face. His jaws locked in to the lower jaw and throat of my Husky, I grabbed inside his jaws with my bare hands and did roll overs in the sand trying to pry open the pit bulls mouth. The whole time my Shadow was biting down on his nose making it hard for me to open the jaws of the pit bull. The whole time the owner was kicking the pit as hard as he could while I was screaming he’s killing my dog help me. The strength and force with all my adrenaline strength pulling, left the puncture wounds in both of my hands were from the pits teeth. 45 seconds seemed like eternity for me but the pit bull let go.

There was so much blood I didn’t know who’s it was at first. My hands were bleeding but not to that point, it was the Pit Bulls nose that was half off hanging to the side of his face. My Shadow was part Timber Wolf and Siberian at a 100 Pounds. He was to much for the pit to concur along with me, a 1/2 inch puncture wound about an inch deep in Shadows throat was the extent of his injuries. No one will take my family away it will have to happen over my dead body first. Please help us.

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