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Guai Guai’s Memorial

In September 2011, my then 11 year old female wooly husky Guai Guai had blood on her abdomen, and Dr. Ed Hsu of West Hollywood performed emergency surgery on her and saved her life.  It was a touch and go for a while.  Everyone at the vet was so nice to Guai Guai and watched over her.  Guai Guai survived and when she came home to recover Dr. Hsu knew exactly what medicines to prescribe to keep her at ease at my home and to enable her to recover.  When I brought Guai Guai in for a follow up 2 weeks later she recognized Dr. Hsu immediately and seemed to be VERY happy.

That night when we got home, Guai Guai jumped on my bed (a rare occasion) to give me some kisses to thank me for taking her to Dr. Hsu. After her recovery, she continued to be happy, talk to me every day, enjoyed 1 mile walks every day and stayed healthy.  When I moved to Riverside in 2013 with Guai Guai, Silvio, and Gigi, to be with my husband Tim, Harley, Hagee and Kiya, she loved being in the country and continued her walks and patrol of our home and eventually our 6 acre Shadow Husky Ranch where we moved to in August, 2015.

After surviving another 4 1/2 more years, she passed away from natural causes.   Guai Guai was born December 5, 1998 and passed away on February 23, 2016.  She had a long life of 17 years 2 1/2 months.  I miss and love Guai Guai forever. I was so thrilled with Guai Guai’s recovery that in December, 2011, I asked Dr. Hsu to remove a bump on my 7 year old male 125 lb big boy kaleidoscope eyed husky Silvio’s rump (earlier in the year I had been told by a different vet that sending a biopsy sample that was actually extracted from Silvio to the lab was not necessary).

Silvio seemed very depressed and I had a feeling that something was not right.  Dr. Hsu not only removed the bump but took care to get as much of the surrounding tissue as possible because he had a suspicion that it was something serious.  When the lab results came back, I was told that Silvio had a peripheral nerve sheath tumor.  As a breast cancer survivor thanks to radiation treatment, I knew that he needed treatment too.  Silvio recovered after enduring 8 weeks of daily radiation treatment.  He was my only son who stayed with me through thick and thin.  Silvio passed away in February 2014.  He was front and center in my wedding and was strong until the very end.  I love my Silvio.

When Gigi passed away, I had a dream that Silvio was coming through a long tunnel.  I knew that he was coming to get Gigi to take care of her.  Gigi was mommy’s baby girl and she did not really like other huskies.  She went with me to work everyday and sat under my desk.  She slept under me under the bed every night.  She loved her mamma.

Gui Gui Final Hours

Our beautiful 17 year old Wooly Husky Guai Guai’s last hour with Master Wolf. Alfa Husky Hagee came in at the same time and snuggled up to say good bye. That was one of the most beautiful moments Master Wolf has ever experienced!!

Liz and Gui Gui2

Guai Guai and Mrs. Wolf.

Guai Guai may be gone, but she will never be forgotten. May we someday meet again baby girl.

Gigi photo

Gigi sitting pretty.


Silvio enjoying the shade.


Memorial of Silvio in Mrs. Wolf’s Law Office.

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