Coachelle Rescue

Hi guys Master Wolf is pulling these beautiful Huskies out of the Coachelle Shelter on SATURDAY!! My Foster backed out on me last minute, can someone Foster for me for a short while so I don’t have to put them in boarding? Male is 2, Female is 5 very sweet totally bonded can not separate them!! Please this is a 911 call they will be killed if I leave them theres no chance for survival! Please call me at 949 290-3217 also Shay had to be rescued by another rescue who had all there paperwork in with Lancaster. Shay is safe and alive the rescue has the say so if they want me to keep him for adoption. There is a liability for them to transfer him over to me. All I want is the best for Shay I served my purpose in acting the Hayden law through our law office it saved his life and I will do it a hundred times over to any Husky in need like Shay, stay Tuned might end up with Shay we will see. Thanks for supporting me out there lots of love!! Master Wolf


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