Thanks to some tips from some amazing people, we were able to save Boston before they killed him. My wife Liz and I went in to the Riverside Animal Shelter to put a stay on his execution. They told us to pick him up by 11am the next day and no later.


We picked him up and had him neutered right away and then brought him home.  He likes to play and be with all his new friends. He’s scared of people sometimes and gets really shy. He was most likely abused but he is coming around. He’s been here for over a week now and he is warming up to us. He loves pets and playing with his stuffed turtle. Want to thank the Boston fan club for helping with Boston’s medical bills. He runs with a limp on his back right leg do to swelling from arthritis on his knee. With his new medicine he now keeps up and doesn’t care if he comes in last.

Boston Rescue

Boston in Master Wolf’s Rescue truck, this is the first time he stepped foot on the shadow husky ranch arriving at his forever home.


He’s a little clumsy and runs with a limp but he doesn’t care. Boston loves to play and run. He is a very good boy and fits in perfectly here. He’s free!!!



Hagee and Boston

Boston getting along with the alpha, Hagee.


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