Brea and Maverick Playing

Brea and Maverick playing King on the mountain this morning and Master Wolf getting his morning back scratch from Sylvia our ring bear in our wedding.

Brea and Maverick2 Brea and Maverick


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Guai Guai’s Memorial

In September 2011, my then 11 year old female wooly husky Guai Guai had blood on her abdomen, and Dr. Ed Hsu of West Hollywood performed emergency surgery on her and saved her life.  It was a touch and go for a while.  Everyone at the vet was so nice to Guai Guai and watched over her.  Guai Guai survived and when she came home to recover Dr. Hsu knew exactly what medicines to prescribe to keep her at ease at my home and to enable her to recover.  When I brought Guai Guai in for a follow up 2 weeks later she recognized Dr. Hsu immediately and seemed to be VERY happy.

That night when we got home, Guai Guai jumped on my bed (a rare occasion) to give me some kisses to thank me for taking her to Dr. Hsu. After her recovery, she continued to be happy, talk to me every day, enjoyed 1 mile walks every day and stayed healthy.  When I moved to Riverside in 2013 with Guai Guai, Silvio, and Gigi, to be with my husband Tim, Harley, Hagee and Kiya, she loved being in the country and continued her walks and patrol of our home and eventually our 6 acre Shadow Husky Ranch where we moved to in August, 2015.

After surviving another 4 1/2 more years, she passed away from natural causes.   Guai Guai was born December 5, 1998 and passed away on February 23, 2016.  She had a long life of 17 years 2 1/2 months.  I miss and love Guai Guai forever. I was so thrilled with Guai Guai’s recovery that in December, 2011, I asked Dr. Hsu to remove a bump on my 7 year old male 125 lb big boy kaleidoscope eyed husky Silvio’s rump (earlier in the year I had been told by a different vet that sending a biopsy sample that was actually extracted from Silvio to the lab was not necessary).

Silvio seemed very depressed and I had a feeling that something was not right.  Dr. Hsu not only removed the bump but took care to get as much of the surrounding tissue as possible because he had a suspicion that it was something serious.  When the lab results came back, I was told that Silvio had a peripheral nerve sheath tumor.  As a breast cancer survivor thanks to radiation treatment, I knew that he needed treatment too.  Silvio recovered after enduring 8 weeks of daily radiation treatment.  He was my only son who stayed with me through thick and thin.  Silvio passed away in February 2014.  He was front and center in my wedding and was strong until the very end.  I love my Silvio.

When Gigi passed away, I had a dream that Silvio was coming through a long tunnel.  I knew that he was coming to get Gigi to take care of her.  Gigi was mommy’s baby girl and she did not really like other huskies.  She went with me to work everyday and sat under my desk.  She slept under me under the bed every night.  She loved her mamma.

Gui Gui Final Hours

Our beautiful 17 year old Wooly Husky Guai Guai’s last hour with Master Wolf. Alfa Husky Hagee came in at the same time and snuggled up to say good bye. That was one of the most beautiful moments Master Wolf has ever experienced!!

Liz and Gui Gui2

Guai Guai and Mrs. Wolf.

Guai Guai may be gone, but she will never be forgotten. May we someday meet again baby girl.

Gigi photo

Gigi sitting pretty.


Silvio enjoying the shade.


Memorial of Silvio in Mrs. Wolf’s Law Office.


Rescuing Loba

Up Close Husky

Loba enjoying her day.

We call Loba our little French girl here at the forever home. Loba loves to strut around being very independent with no worries at all, not what you would call a team player. She even walks very prissy and proud of being who she is. Don’t try and pet her during her slumber she will turn into the snap turtle. Loba loves to be turned upside down and cradled like a baby and wants all to see her as to say nah nana nana. Loba and Dante

Here is Dante cradling Loba.

Here is Dante’s story of how she came to be a part of our pack.



Loba looking beautiful as a French girl should.


Rescuing Freeway


Here is the big rig Master Wolf parked on the shoulder of the freeway, crossing 3 lanes to rescue Freeway the Husky. (We named him Freeway due to the situation) A special thanks to Frank Smith Trucking (FST) Sand and Gravel for donating 250 tons of rock to the Shadow Husky Rescue. Master Wolf brought all the material up in the truck pictured above.


Master Wolf was northbound on the 215 freeway on a Friday afternoon, when he spotted a gray and white husky in the median between the 2 k rails. The distance between the 2 k rails was about 30 feet and ran several miles north just before the 74 westbound off ramp. Master Wolf was judging from the husky running, where he would end up after he parked the big rig on the shoulder. As he exited the truck and crossed 3 lanes, trying to avoid the traffic, he made it safely and saw the husky approaching him. Master Wolf put his hands up and was trying to talk to him as a lady passing by tossed some cheese crackers at him to assist in the rescue. Using the cheese crackers Master Wolf coaxed the husky about 25 feet away from him. The scene was extremely dangerous at the time of the rescue. Master Wolf knew if the husky would jump the k rail on either side it would have been killed by oncoming traffic instantly. He got down on his knees to show he wasn’t a threat and offered the treats. As he turned around and looked behind him, Master Wolf noticed highway patrol in the median along with Danika Nelson from the Moreno Valley Shelter. Somebody had called them as they watched Master Wolf try to rescue the husky so they could assist him in the capture. Master Wolf had his flag vest on and they assumed he was a Cal Trans Worker. Here is the rest of the story from Danika, the Animal Control officer on scene.

Animal Control




Master Wolf stumbled across Nora, pictured above, and Kemo, pictured below, the day he went to rescue Freeway that Saturday. The good news is the owner had picked up Freeway that morning which brought tears to Master Wolf’s eyes. There’s nothing like a family reunion between a husky and it’s human. That’s what we’re all about. And the really good news is we rescued Nora and Kemo that day, who were running together when found, a brother and sister that were totally in love with each other. So we had 3 happy endings that day. We feel the good lord put us in that position to save these 2 death row lives.

Kemo2 - Copy

This is Kemo, he had to be rushed to the vet right away. He was dying of pancreatitis infection in the pancreas. We had to give him injections for 2 weeks straight of fluids in the back to filter out the infection in his body. The vet said we could leave him there, but we decided to keep them together so Kemo and Nora could stay together, so we nursed them at home so he could be with his sister. The 2 love their lives at the Shadow Husky Ranch so much and can not live without each other.

We do not have a photo of the Husky Freeway, unfortunately, but we are still searching and hope to find it soon and update this post.



Rescuing Ice

Tim got a lead on this dog named Ice out of the Inland Valley Pomona Shelter a few months ago. He was told Ice had no time left and was going to be put down the following day. Master Wolf made a phone call and put a stay of execution on Ice. The next day after work he made a trip up to the shelter after finding an adoption home. Ice now lives in Wildomar with 3 other huskies and loves to play and is very friendly, loving and affectionate to his new family. Shadow Husky Rescue paid all of the bills for the rescue and neutering of Ice out of their own pockets.


Ice at the Shelter


Ice knows he’s being rescued!

Ice and Cratos

Ice and Cratos, one of his new buddies.


Master Wolf getting thank you kisses from Ice.

TruckMaster Wolf’s Husky Rescue Truck.



Rescuing Cloud

Cloud was rescued on the street, scared and alone. He was a male, maybe 2 or 3 years old and pretty skinny when we found him. The Shadow Husky Rescue was notified of the find and Tim immediately rushed to the rescue.  The Shadow Husky Rescue found him a loving and caring family, the Sullivan’s, in Corona California in no time. Cloud fell instantly in love with the family of 3 kids. Cloud fit in perfectly with the family and they often come to visit the pack at Shadow Husky Ranch and Cloud gets along very well with everyone in the pack.


Cloud united with his new family.


Below is a testimony from Teresa Sullivan telling Master Wolf’s rescue story.

Teresa Letter



Rescuing Elsa

Master Wolf got a call early in the day that a husky was found in a dumpster behind a Home Depot in Paramont, CA. She was rescued by the Love Bugs, which rescues the smaller dogs and was given my number to see if I wanted to pick up Elsa, because she was too large for their rescue. After seeing a picture of Elsa and hearing the story of the condition she was in it brought tears to my eyes. Read more

Heartwarming Story

With all the bad depressing news we hear and see every day in the media, this story will go to the heart. We can’t let these few people in Tenaja win we need support from all the good people out there. They call me Master Wolf I save Huskies on death row in these so called Shelters which are death chambers for animals.

My goal and my wife’s goal is to save Huskies I would die for any of them and have proven it when I took on a 100 pound fighting pit bull at Dog Beach in San Diego that attacked my Shadow Husky a few years ago. The pit bull was sitting behind us with a muzzle on his jaws as it came from behind to attack my Shadow the muzzle fell to the side of his face. His jaws locked in to the lower jaw and throat of my Husky, I grabbed inside his jaws with my bare hands and did roll overs in the sand trying to pry open the pit bulls mouth. The whole time my Shadow was biting down on his nose making it hard for me to open the jaws of the pit bull. The whole time the owner was kicking the pit as hard as he could while I was screaming he’s killing my dog help me. The strength and force with all my adrenaline strength pulling, left the puncture wounds in both of my hands were from the pits teeth. 45 seconds seemed like eternity for me but the pit bull let go.

There was so much blood I didn’t know who’s it was at first. My hands were bleeding but not to that point, it was the Pit Bulls nose that was half off hanging to the side of his face. My Shadow was part Timber Wolf and Siberian at a 100 Pounds. He was to much for the pit to concur along with me, a 1/2 inch puncture wound about an inch deep in Shadows throat was the extent of his injuries. No one will take my family away it will have to happen over my dead body first. Please help us.


Rescuing Sparticus

Thanks to our good friends Burt and Tracy Ward with Gentle Giants Rescue gave us a heads up on Sparticus, he had 1 day left. We made a phone call and put a stay on his execution and told them the Shadow Husky Rescue will be coming up to get him. Sparticus, like Elsa, was skin and bones. You could actually pick him up by his spinal cord. Sparty was very scared and nervous in the cage at the shelter. He was malnourished because he didn’t like dry dog food and wouldn’t eat, they said he weighed only 30 pounds when we got him, and now he is about 50 pounds. Sparty still doesn’t eat dog food, but gets a hand cooked meal every day with the rest of our huskies.




Sparticus Rescue

South Central LA Shelter in Compton, Master Wolf rescuing Sparticus with official papers in hand. Animal Control walks Sparty to our car, heading to his forever home.


Sparty and Elsa

Sparticus being rescued from the South Central LA Shelter in Compton with Elsa looking on.


Skinny Sparty

He only weighed about 30 pounds when we got him. You could pick him up from his spinal cord he was so skinny.


Sparty and Liz

Sparty on his way to his forever home with Elsa peeking in from behind.


Sparty in Big Rig

Master Wolf giving Sparty some extra TLC.


Sparty at the Office

Sparty at the law office with Liz. He is 50 pounds now, very happy and greets clients at the door of the law firm.


Sparty & Elsa

Elsa and Sparty have become best friends and the only 2 wooly huskies in our pack.



Sparty in Car

Sparty in the car ride home.