Rescuing Little Shadow

Master Wolf and Victoria Davis saved another precious life last night out at the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter. The 4 year old black and white Siberian Husky was scheduled to die at 500 pm last night. His beautiful markings and eyes reminded Master Wolf of his Big Timber Wolf Siberian therapy dog, Shadow, a blessing from God ran through Master Wolfs mind, an emotional moment to say the least. His new name is Little Shadow.

Little Shadow Behind Bars

Little Shadow at the shelter.

Little Shadow1

Little Shadow enjoying a drink.

Little Shadow

Rescuing Little Shadow

Master Wolf and Little Shadow, best friends forever.
















Rescuing Davis

This is Davis, Shadow Husky Rescues other save from death row yesterday thanks to Victoria Davis giving us the heads up! He is being Neutered and will be picked up in a couple of days heading to a foster home or hopefully a full on adoption! Stay tuned for pics and updates soon!!



Davis giving thanks to Master Wolf.

Davis and Brandy

Davis and Brandy happy to be rescued.




Rescuing Tyler

Tyler a death row Husky was scheduled to die at 4:00 PM last Friday at the Riverside Shelter was saved by the Shadow Husky Rescue thanks to Shanne Roberts notifying us in time. Tyler was enjoying the fresh air and 18 other Huskies at the Shadow Husky Ranch on a visit with his new adopted family. What a Happy Ending!!






Rescuing Brandy

 Broke Brandy out of jail at the Long Beach Shelter yesterday. Labeled vicious would have been killed before the weekend. Master Wolf knew better after hearing her wrap sheet due to 2 months in the slammer he had to act!!

Thanks to my wife finding her on Pet Harbor and another heads up from Victoria Davis and the many other beautiful rescuers, she was placed in Teresa and Brandon’s home with adopted Husky Cloud and 4 very excited kids last night!!

Please step up to the plate and sign up as a foster or adopter on  ShadowHuskyRescue.Com now! Make a difference it could change your life for ever! It did mine! Master Wolf had tears coming home last night with her the blessings are unreal to many Huskies are being killed in these shelters let’s make a difference! Thank you all for your support.


Kisses from Brandy

Brandy thanking Master Wolf for rescuing her.

Brandy in the Truck

Brandy in Master Wolf’s truck.

Rescuing Brandy

Sod Area for Our Huskies


Here is the sod area for our personal huskies. Pictured here is Loba, excited about the renovations.


200 Tons of Pea Gravel for our Huskies

Check out 200 tons of pea gravel 4 inches deep for the Huskies 1 acre play holding area they love it. Also the sand box covered areas with big section of good fresh sod to roll around in too. Spoiled!!






Welcome to Our World – Husky Kisses in the Morning

Welcome to our world and Husky Mommas wet kisses in the morning love secession.

Husky Kisses Kaia

Our World1 Our World2

Our World3 Our World4

Our World5 Our World6

Our World7 Our World8

Our World9 Our World10

Our World11 Our World12

Our World14 Our World15

Our World17 Our World18

Our World19 Our World20

Our World21

Hugs from Loba

Loba loves when Master Wolf turns her upside down look at the hug she’s giving him!!