Rescuing Isaac and Electra with 5 Minutes to Spare!


Shadow Husky Rescue rescued Isaac and Electra, a bonded couple from Devore Animal Shelter.  They were both Death Row Huskies scheduled to die at 2:00pm and were saved at 1:55pm with 5 minutes to spare on Saturday!!!  Thank God we did, these two couldn’t leave their tongue’s in for a minute kissing each other constantly in the back seat of the rescue truck! The affection I witnessed from both for each other brought tears to my eyes! These two were rescued without a set foster but they found one with a great home that will keep them together! 



Rescuing Baby Girl

Master Wolfs Up Date on Baby Girl!!!!! Shadow Husky Rescue Foster for Baby Girl was able to find a permanent home for her the other day!! Baby Girl landed a very handsome man, get this a few months younger too! His name is Moose, very handsome they are caught kissing in the back yard!! Not only did she find a hunk she has a whole family with kids and lots of love to go around! Thank you Adriana and Will for giving Baby Girl a second chance!! Love my Fosters!😎



Rescuing Lucky




Master Wolf always stops and gets his rescues a freedom burger, I turned around after I gave him the burger and he looked at me with those To die for eyes of his and said got more?? I gave him half of mine, what can I say?? You would too!! This is Lucky saved out of Castaic by Master Wolf after getting a call from them saying he’s the sweetest boy up there and was going to die ! Not on my watch!

luckyburger2 luckyburger1

Luckys new Foster home in Moreno Valley, the fosters loved Lucky so much they want to adopt him now!! Master Wolf had a great day and the fun is not over, Tipper out of Downey Shelter was to die today, will be Lucy’s girl friend!! Today!



Rescuing Maura

Master Wolf had another great day picking up Maura from Inland Valley Shelter. This girl never made a sound and new Master Wolf was there to save her! Next to Lucky I rescued yesterday these babies are beyond sweetness!! I took Maura out to dinner on our way to Joyce Cheng house our Foster and treated her with Master Wolfs Freedom Burger. Maura walked in the house like she’s lived there for ever!! Kids loved her!! Happy Ending for Maura! Tomorrow it’s off to Downey to pick up Tipper she had to stay one more day for the Spaying. Will let you know how Lucky likes his new room mate in Moreno Valley at Leroy’s house. Stay tuned.

Maura the Female Husky in Pomona Inland Valley Shelter is very scared and crying with a howl that carries through the entire facility! I spent a good hour with her comforting and walking her in the front. Maura has a female gland that’s very swollen and hanging down on her left side which is probably tender. This is Master Wolfs favorite rescue because she would be the last to be adopted and was probably dumped because of the surgery expense. Joyce Cheng stepped up and heard Maura’s voice also and will be her Foster! In a few weeks we will be at the new Pet Smart for adoption day please come to Menifee store at Huan and the 215 freeway. Very excited to bring my other Foster Huskies to place in a furever home soon!! Will let you know time and day when we get set up! Stay tuned for Maura’s rescue coming your way next week! . Pledges are very
welcome to help off set
her surgery cost, thanks!


Short clip of Maura in the back seat of Master Wolfs rescue Truck on her way to a much better life at Joyce Cheng house for some much needed R and R!!!



Maura with her new family!



Coachelle Rescue

Hi guys Master Wolf is pulling these beautiful Huskies out of the Coachelle Shelter on SATURDAY!! My Foster backed out on me last minute, can someone Foster for me for a short while so I don’t have to put them in boarding? Male is 2, Female is 5 very sweet totally bonded can not separate them!! Please this is a 911 call they will be killed if I leave them theres no chance for survival! Please call me at 949 290-3217 also Shay had to be rescued by another rescue who had all there paperwork in with Lancaster. Shay is safe and alive the rescue has the say so if they want me to keep him for adoption. There is a liability for them to transfer him over to me. All I want is the best for Shay I served my purpose in acting the Hayden law through our law office it saved his life and I will do it a hundred times over to any Husky in need like Shay, stay Tuned might end up with Shay we will see. Thanks for supporting me out there lots of love!! Master Wolf



Rescuing Shay


Master Wolf with the Shadow Husky Rescue drove six hours to Lancaster Shelter on Saturday to rescue this poor scared to death Husky Shay only to be told he failed a Temp Test for being to scared and that a indemnity Waiver has to be signed in order to save Shays ilife! A death warrant for being to scared! In all my years of rescuing Huskies this was one of the most heart breaking situations I have come a crossed. Emotions running high Master Wolf put the call out to the 911 team to Tish Lambert, Victoria Davis, and Shanne Roberts . A Waiver like this takes a lot of work to get done and time is not what we have on our side! Shay could be killed at any time now! I got the e-mails to the top people to get this okayed through the county. I called my Law Office in Canyon Hills to send a E-mail to the top 3 officials and I made a call to the Shelter to put a stop on Shays Execution for being scared with the 501c3 Hayden Act or heads would roll!! This act buys us some time to save Shays life. At this point we will know more today this fight is not done, hopefully this all gets resolved and Shay at the end of the day is resting in Master Wolfs arms! Please be praying today for Shays safe out come, we will do everything possible to save this beautiful soul from death. Master Wolf.



Rescuing Rosa

Master Wolf picked up Rosa this afternoon after leaving her at the Inland Valley Shelter over the week end for her Spaying surgery. What a sweet heart of a precious little girl that was going to be put to death over the weekend do to to many dogs in the shelter and listed vicious of all things!! Rosa is as sweet as they come not a bark or a whine from her even after surgery and being in the Shelter for a stay. Please call me if interested in adopting her she will make your life perfect with her unconditional love for you. Call Master Wolf at 949 290-3217 and go on our Web Site ShadowHuskyRescue.com and fill out an adoption form you can send it or E-mail it to MasterWolf@ShadowHuskyRescue.com Rosa could change your life forever!! Rosa will be in foster care until permanent home is found.

Rosa2 Rosa1

Here is a video of Rosa after the rescue:


Rescuing Cole

Master Wolf got the 911 call from Victoria Davis on Husky Cole at the San Bernardino Shelter his time had come on the kill list. Cole had lost all hope when Master Wolf got to him as you can see. Forty precious souls are scheduled to die there, Cole and many others in the shelter were suffering with Kennel Cough, a cold dogs get when all hope gone is experienced bringing there Amun system down. Better days a head for this precious boy, one of the most gentlest souls I’ve experienced yet. Good job for his voices out there!!

Cole2 Cole1

Cole3 Cole4

Here is a video of Cole before the rescue:

Here is a video of Cole after the Rescue:



Our First Fundraiser

Our first fundraiser was a huge success! It was held at Ross Williams’ 80th birthday party. Ross is a retired judge and a former divorce attorney.


Ross taking a photo of his birthday cake.


Ross getting ready to go and blow out his candles.


Ross making a birthday wish, (wishing for Shadow Husky Rescue, Inc. to be a huge success).


Ross going in for the kill.

Ross Williams

A kind “Thank You” letter from Ross & Marylin.


Burt and Tracy Ward sent this to Master Wolf this Morning! A Must See!

Burt and Tracy Ward sent this to Master Wolf this morning a must see !! They are good friends of Liz and I we buy all our food from them every year he fills up my Shadow Husky Rescue F-250 truck at his house with 34 large bags of his excellent Gentle Giants food. Our Huskies eat it every day we want them to live 25 years of age too!!