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  Thanks to some tips from some amazing people, we were able to save Boston before they killed him. My wife Liz and I went in to the Riverside Animal Shelter to put a stay on his execution. They told us to pick him up by 11am the next day and no later.


The Tenaja’s Shadow Husky Ranch and Sanctuary needs your presence at our rescheduled hearing. It’s on March 17th at 9am at the Riverside Animal Shelter. Liz and I love you guys for coming out on Wednesday the 24th. We were so happy to have around 50 or more supporters and witnesses in our corner. We […]

The dog blog — Coming Soon!

Hi Everyone! If you are reading this, thanks for visiting our site. We have been running around like crazy trying to organize things here at Shadow Husky Ranch. We should have our social media pages and blog up and running in full effect. There will be lots of exciting news, stories and events coming up soon […]