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Guai Guai’s Memorial

In September 2011, my then 11 year old female wooly husky Guai Guai had blood on her abdomen, and Dr. Ed Hsu of West Hollywood performed emergency surgery on her and saved her life.  It was a touch and go for a while.  Everyone at the vet was so nice to Guai Guai and watched over her. […]


Rescuing Loba

Loba enjoying her day. We call Loba our little French girl here at the forever home. Loba loves to strut around being very independent with no worries at all, not what you would call a team player. She even walks very prissy and proud of being who she is. Don’t try and pet her during […]


Rescuing Freeway

Here is the big rig Master Wolf parked on the shoulder of the freeway, crossing 3 lanes to rescue Freeway the Husky. (We named him Freeway due to the situation) A special thanks to Frank Smith Trucking (FST) Sand and Gravel for donating 250 tons of rock to the Shadow Husky Rescue. Master Wolf brought […]


Rescuing Ice

Tim got a lead on this dog named Ice out of the Inland Valley Pomona Shelter a few months ago. He was told Ice had no time left and was going to be put down the following day. Master Wolf made a phone call and put a stay of execution on Ice. The next day […]


Rescuing Cloud

Cloud was rescued on the street, scared and alone. He was a male, maybe 2 or 3 years old and pretty skinny when we found him. The Shadow Husky Rescue was notified of the find and Tim immediately rushed to the rescue.  The Shadow Husky Rescue found him a loving and caring family, the Sullivan’s, in Corona California in no […]


Rescuing Elsa

Master Wolf got a call early in the day that a husky was found in a dumpster behind a Home Depot in Paramont, CA. She was rescued by the Love Bugs, which rescues the smaller dogs and was given my number to see if I wanted to pick up Elsa, because she was too large […]

Heartwarming Story

With all the bad depressing news we hear and see every day in the media, this story will go to the heart. We can’t let these few people in Tenaja win we need support from all the good people out there. They call me Master Wolf I save Huskies on death row in these so […]


Rescuing Sparticus

Thanks to our good friends Burt and Tracy Ward with Gentle Giants Rescue gave us a heads up on Sparticus, he had 1 day left. We made a phone call and put a stay on his execution and told them the Shadow Husky Rescue will be coming up to get him. Sparticus, like Elsa, was […]