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We can’t save them all, but the one you do save can change your life forever!

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We are a 501c3 non-profit corporation.

All 18 of our personal forever home huskies are spayed and neutered and are not adoptable.

Our Mission

Shadow Husky Rescue is a non-profit organization. We have a passion rescuing dogs in need and educating the public.

Our Story

After years of being part of the husky rescue community, Tim and Elizabeth McVicker decided to dedicate all their free time to the cause.

They had the fairy-tale meet cute that everyone dreams of. It all started with a walk in the park with their huskies, not unlike the 101 Dalmatians meet cute.

Check out their story and see their Husky themed wedding. They even had a husky, Silvia, as the ring bearer, how cute!

Watch their wedding video and read their story here!

Tim McVicker

At Shadow Husky Rescue we are serious about saving lives!

Meet the man behind it all, Tim McVicker, better known as Master Wolf.

He truly is the caring and loving master of this majestic pack.


A special thanks goes out to

Todd Fewell. He is a close friend

and contractor that helped make

our family of huskies have a

forever home and sanctuary.


Luna was his favorite the one second to his right. He wanted to take her home after work everyday.

Happy Endings

We couldn’t be more proud of our success stories, where we were able to place dogs in happy homes.

Burt Ward, otherwise known as Robin the boy wonder from the original Batman and Robin television series seen here with Master Wolf and his wife.


This is Burt Ward back in the day. The original Robin. Holy toledo Batman is that me up there with Todd and Tim and Liz!?!


Todd and Burt discussing the rescue.

Todd and Burt

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Shadow Husky Rescue, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit corporation.